Beaver Pond

Bed of Ferns

Fading Sun

Maine Inlet

Road Shoulder

Fall Sunset

North From the Pond

Up to the Emmons Farm

White River Winter Sky

Birches, Hemlock  and Sun

Pine Needle Shoreline

Sunset on Casco Bay

The Forest Floor

The Pinnacle Trail

Glowing River

Waterville Spring

Walk to the Waterfall

VT Pastels

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Studying at the Corcoran School, Gaal was required for 4 years, to paint either nude figures or unstimulating still lifes. So as soon as she left she happily began

to paint outside –and in—on landscapes, her true passion. And her passion really skyrocketed when she moved to Vermont, for she found beauty in each and

every season in every spot she visited.

She has continued to have 4 or 5 pieces in play at any given time, because she can’t decide which she wants to do more. And she is never uninspired.

The textures of VT such as the velvety green mosses, the wavy soft flowerheads of field grasses, are most easily and best captured in the medium of  soft pastel.

And white puffy clouds FEEL more light and airy when painted with pastel dusts.